Spring Lake Public Schools

Spring Lake Public Schools

Lakers Challenge.

Spring Lake’s goals for Next were clear: a refreshed look and new website to bring the brand to the same caliber as the remarkable students who graduate from the school and the invested educators who teach there. Attacking brand first, we designed school system, athletic and mascot logos that serve as a tight, clean and refined celebration of Spring Lake Public Schools. Together, the icons speak to strength, tradition and balance. Building alignment there, it was easy to ensure the website followed suit.
  • Identity / logo design
  • Photography
  • Web design / development

We’re fans of keeping school logos kid friendly.

That means helping the administration discover a new look for Larry the Laker–one that remained fierce and competitive but involved a little less smoking.

Want to engage parents? Show you believe in their kids.

The previous Spring Lake website was not responsive–making it impossible for families to use their phones to confirm conferences, click a map for directions to an athletic event or purchase tickets for a school play. So a mobile-first approach to design was our top priority.

Public schools don't commonly engage with agencies like ours. But they should. It was nice working with a school system that values brand, and the parents' user experience. Spring Lake was willing to invest in a brand and website update that could grow and evolve as fast as their schools do.

Rich Evenhouse

President, Next Creative Co.