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SNA Sports

Better Equipment for a Better Game.

Our inquiry sessions with the SNA team quickly revealed their website was the primary bog in communication. This was where advertising pointed and where potential customers got lost. Our solution? An information overhaul on all levels of the site—transforming how SNA told their story, how long it took users to navigate to desired products and how the site served up complementary purchases based on user-behavior.
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Web design / development

People buy on their phones. If you’re not thinking about mobilized sales, you’re not selling at capacity.

Who cares about a name? Actually, a lot of people.

SNA had been forced into a name change by a difficult business deal. Customers didn’t know who they were anymore or how to find them. We created an extensive SEO strategy for the SNA website so search engines could start working smarter to connect potential customers with SNA.

If you’re going to sell on a national stage, you need to look like a national brand.

They’re called custom-ers for a reason:

One size isn’t the best fit for all. We transformed SNA’s print catalog to tailor itself to individual needs–not only creating a better shopping experience but also leveraging cost efficiencies to move popular products through customer hands more quickly.

The entire team at Next was involved with developing our new website and sales collateral. Their creative input was even greater than we expected, as was the level of organization and attention to detail they delivered. Partnering with Next has been invaluable as we move forward with our marketing strategy.

Amy Deschaine

VP of Operations