Saginaw Valley State University

Saginaw Valley State University

We Cardinal.

After mapping the intricacies of what made SVSU unlike any of their competitors, we refined a message that only SVSU could own. The data showed students who picked SVSU longed to join a community—they valued success, but they wanted it paired with teamwork and personal relationship with their professors and classmates. With those insights, Next launched the “We” campaign across a wide range of platforms, matching target students with SVSU as their ideal school. The results? We call them students.
  • Broadcast adverts
  • Digital adverts
  • Outdoor adverts
  • Photography
  • Print collateral
  • Video production

5 years of pronounced enrollment decline meant SVSU needed a change.

We helped SVSU close their gap of marketing dollars with refreshing creative. That meant edgier video concepts and relying on social media to do what it does best. Soon, the university started connecting with students in ways like no one else.

Students don’t care about how much you know. They care about how much you know them.

When your enrollment climbs 28% in one year, people might call it a fluke.

When the next year, you’re one of the only schools still poised to see growth amidst statewide enrollment decline, people recognize it’s a phenomenon.

Often a university’s best storytellers are the students themselves.
 They just need a stage.

  • 28% boost in enrollment.
  • Over 18 million digital
  • 4% climb in application

Next has been a valued creative and strategic partner as we have worked to establish SVSU’s identity in an increasingly competitive college landscape. Our combined work has won awards and drawn praise in marketing and higher education circles, and our awareness and perception across Michigan have improved. Most importantly, our marketing campaign contributed to a 28 percent increase in the 2018 freshman class.

J.J. Boehm

Director of Media & Community Relations