Moxy Dental

Moxy Dental

Doing Dental Differently

Dr. Meredith Smedley came to us because she wanted her practice to more authentically represent her. As the sole biomimetic dentist in Michigan with expertise in airway-centric dentistry, she goes against the grain of traditional dentistry. Not only did we position her as a pioneer in her industry, we helped solidify that positioning with a brand new website complete with sleek photography to made sure her practice has plenty of room for growth, as she takes on traditional dentistry by storm.  
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She’s got Moxy.

Going against traditional dentistry, well, that takes some moxie—or in Meredith’s case—Moxy. We promise we can spell. The decision to end the name with a -y was deliberate. “Oxy” is a subtle nod to oxygen and Meredith’s unique expertise in airway-centric dentistry.

Not your father’s approach to dental.

What makes Meredith’s practice unique is her expertise in airway dentistry, which is the study of how the jaw relates to breathing and overall oral health. With such a unique approach to dentistry—and a new name like Moxy—we knew we had to make Meredith’s practice stand out among the crowd.