Metro Health Hospital

Metro Health Hospital

Better All Around.

“Better All Around,” celebrated patients out in the world, enjoying their lives and time with their loved ones – something they can do because they’re part of a health system dedicated to getting patients well, and keeping them well. And that’s better for everyone. The campaign not only resonated with patients and families, but also positioned Metro Health for a lucrative acquisition deal.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Broadcast adverts (audio)
  • Broadcast adverts (video)
  • Digital adverts
  • Identity / logo design
  • Outdoor adverts
  • Print adverts
  • Print collateral

Touting every service line and crossing every platform, all to focus on “better.”

With an osteopathic approach to medicine, Metro Health brings holistic wellness in a way few regional hospitals can. We helped Metro connect with patients by cutting through unapproachable terminology to share the comfort of far more personal care.

You know your healthcare system is working when it’s the last thing you worry about.

So we told the stories of the people Metro keeps free of worry.

  • Increased perception ratings across 10 different provider attributes.
  • Purchased by the #5 top hospital in the nation.
  • Climbed from #4 to #2 in regional perception ratings.