Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

Parts of Our Heritage.

Heritage wanted to celebrate their people—both their staff and their residents. We developed the “Parts of Our Heritage” video series to share the moving wisdom, love, friendship and memories Heritage Community’s residents and staff offer to the Kalamazoo community every day. With a commitment to capture authentic Heritage moments, we let the cameras roll non-stop during our video production. The stories we discovered speak for themselves.

  • Photography
  • Print collateral
  • Video production

What is a life well lived? Who better to tell that story than those who have lived the full of it?

Parts of Our Heritage responded to a largely unspoken assumption that past a certain age and stage of working, people begin to lose their relevance. Heritage wanted to send a counter-cultural message: Age never precludes you from the things that make life meaningful or offering something of value to the people around you.

Discover what happens when a video crew is more focused on the subject than the shot list.

When it comes to those caring for the person who matters to you most, you care about the little things. So, we helped the staff at Heritage talk about all the little things. 

The team at Next Creative are master storytellers and for us, that was really important in our search. Every detail from strategy to storyboards, day of shooting and the final product instills confidence that Next was the right decision to help us tell our story to its fullest potential–they over deliver every time and each piece is unique and authentic.

Matt Shankle

Director of Sales & Marketing