Part of the Family.

Taking insight learned from market research, we developed an employment brand campaign focused on a “Welcome to the Family” theme. Working closely with Haworth and Media Place Partners, we created social, digital and radio assets and messaging based on the many reasons people should consider joining the Haworth family. Once proven successful, the campaign will extend to six other regions across the country.
  • Broadcast adverts (audio)
  • Digital adverts
  • Social media content
  • Video production

Speak to what matters most.

Making a career choice hinges less on what draws people to a company and more on what keeps them there. People at Haworth stay. Using our research findings, we helped Haworth talk about why.

Who said you have to tell one story at a time? We leveraged social platforms to help Haworth tell broader stories in the space of a single ad.

Everyone claims inclusion. Few embody it.

It was time for Haworth to own what makes them excellent in the everyday stories of their very diverse crew.

It's nice when a campaign idea draws from a truth. In this case with Haworth, a family-owned business truly did feel like a family. It was a pleasure to partner with the HR team in sharing their stories and implementing the campaign.

Tim Hackney

Creative Director, Next Creative Co.